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Entrance in the holiday center implies its full acceptance.

  1. At their arrival all guests must deliver their papers for the registration and must look over the present regulation. The first time one or more persons of the group arrives, or when they definitely go away, they will be obliged to inform the Direction about it. For each group only one car is admitted.
  2. Those who have booked are bound to pay a security at the cashier's window within their arrival day. The security should be equivalent to the total stay amount except for the earnest money paid in advance.
  3. In case of booking release, the earnest money, deducted expenses of € 30,00, will be refunded only if the written release will arrive 30 days before the beginning of the stay.
  4. PRENOTA SICURO: pagando un supplemento di € 30 (per ogni settimana di vacanza) si può disdire fino a 3 giorni dall’arrivo con il rimborso totale della caparra. Questo servizio è facoltativo e non rimborsabile.
  5. Authorized visitors are allowed to enter on foot only after having given their papers at the reception desk.
  6. From 1.30 p.m. to 3 p.m. and from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. there is the silence time. Nobody is allowed to use radios, to set up or take down tents, to use the fun-fair and to make noise.
  7. It's severely forbidden to damage trees and all the equipment as well as to make furrows around the tent, to pour hot or salty liquids on the ground and to light fire in the open air. All rubbish must be differentiated and put in the separate dust-bins. Linen and kitchenware must be washed in the proper wash-basins. On Saturday, the day of arrivals and departures, transit cars will not be limited.
  8. Rubbish must be differentiated and thrown away separately.
  9. Animals are not admitted.
  10. The Direction will not answer for all the damages due to the fall of trees, branches or for any other damage due to natural and accidental disasters. Guests are supposed to take care of their own personal belongings; the Direction doesn't take any responsability for the loss or the removal of things not given in keeping to the Direction at the arrival.
  11. The use of all equipments (fun-fair, sporting equipments, etc.) and the taking part in the organized activities (games, shows, etc) are at the customers' own risk.
  12. Minors are admitted only if accompanied by their own parents or by an over-age relative. Children must always be accompanied when they use the equipments or when they go to toilet.
  13. The Direction has the faculty, in any case, to change all the services and the additional activities time-table if it becomes necessary to allow the receptive structure best working. The Direction doesn't take any responsability for the possible consequent limitations.
  14. The temporary interruption of services and activities shall not be grounds for the cancellation of the reservation.
  15. The booked living unit or camp-site number is allowed by the Direction and may be changed according to the bureau demands.
  16. In the first days of opening and the last of closing the direction do not guarantee the full operation of all collateral activities.


  1. The check-in takes place from 08.00 to 21.00 but the unit will be available from 4 p.m.
  2. The non arrival within 8 p.m. of the foreseen day, without notice, is equivalent to a renunciation.
  3. Delayed arrivals or advanced leavings don't give any right to refund or reduction in price.
  4. The kit linen is provided in all rooms at the holiday village and Fonte di Valle.
  5. Guests must take care of the living unit and can't move the furniture without permission. Eventual damages caused to the living unit and to the furniture will be charged.
  6. In compliance with legislation on the suitability of the accommodation it will be counted each component regardless of age; Children under 24 months of age are not paying if it is not provided any bed and linens from the management.
  7. The living unit should be left cleaned (the refrigerator must be defrosted) and complete in all its parts within 9.30 a.m. of the departure day.
  8. From the opening day to the second Saturday of June and in the last week, a daily supplement of € 15,00 will be applied for stays less than 7 nights.
  9. Le settimane 8-15 e 15-22 agosto non vengono vendute singolarmente ma abbinate; minimum stay, 14 nights.


  1. Guests who have booked, can occupy the pitch from midday to 9 p.m. of the arrival day. They can look over the allotted camp-site in advance and are bound to pay a security (see point n° 2). The camp-site must be left within 09.30 a.m. of the departure day, otherwise the entire day will be charged.
  2. The pitch can be occupied by tents, roulottes, etc with their verandahs only for 3/4 of the entire given area, leaving free 50 centimetres along the perimeter. For an eventual and artificial shading you are allowed to use either a green shading net (6x4 mt.) or a gazebo or large sunshades. Their arrangement must respect the previous regulations. It's absolutely forbidden to built crumbling huts as well as the use of waterproof covering sheets.

  • The admittance in the camping requires the complete acceptance and the full observance of the present regulation. More rules can be added to this regulation each time the Direction will think it right to issue them to guarantee a better running of the camping. Our staff is bound to make it respect and to report to the Direction anybody who doesn't conform to it. The defaulting people will be immediately sent away.
  • The reservation becomes valid only after receipt of the deposit (approximately 30% of the stay) sent by bank transfer within 7/10 working days following the telephone booking.

The bank's codes are the following:

  • The bank's codes are the following:
    IBAN: IT87 T061 5069 661C C022 1000 642
    Bank: Carifermo - Agency n° 22 Porto San Giorgio
    Count n° 642 to Riva Verde srl
  • Description of payment:
    Name, Period, Bungalow type, Place, Number of people
Animals are not admitted. Animals are not admitted.


  1. Up to 2 hours of stay, guests of internal customers for just lunch or dinner: not paying.
  2. Tourists who benefit from dusk only 8:00 of the beach: pay a workstation consists of umbrella + 2 beds, € 13.00 (can not access within the village).
  3. Tourists who access only to the water park or in the morning from 09.30 to 13.30 or in the afternoon from 15.00 to 19.00 (pay € 8,00 per person for a half day).
  4. Tourists, guests of internal customers, who do not stay: they can go in the morning after 08.00 with the obligation to slacken the Centre by 23.00. The fare is € 10 in the months of June and September, € 12 to € 15 in July and August; They are entitled to the use of sports facilities, playgrounds, swimming pools and entertainment. The beach is not included.
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